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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

So this is what it is to be a blogger????

G'day to everybody in blog-land!! Just saying Hi, and letting you know I am indeed alive and kicking, and hoping to blog in the days and weeks to come as I slog through Book 3 of the Nexus Wars Saga.
It is the Easter / Anzac day long long weekend here, so i will hopefully get some good constructive writing done!
For those interested in fantasy, check out my work on amazon and smashwords, or if you know of my works and wish to know a bit more, swing by my website.  Also, do me a HUGGGGEEEEEEEEEE favour and spread the word, not only about my blog but my works. Every little bit of promotion is a big bonus for an Indie author.

For those interested, I am currently up to Page 60 of Book 3 :)

~Robert Day