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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Reached 200 pages!

G'day all,

Throne of Blood, Book 3 of the Nexus Wars Saga, is now at page 200 (70,000 words). So far so good, I am liking how it is progressing, although I am having a bit of trouble deciding where some of the story arcs are going to lead.

Anyways, for anybody interested, Ashar'an Rising: Book 2 of the Nexus Wars Saga, will be FREE on Amazon for 1 day on the 24th Feb!

Ashar'an Rising follows Valdieron, the last descendant of the once-mighty Kay'taari. With the hordes of Demonkind seeking entry to the land of Kil'Tar via the Nexus Gates, Valdieron must battle Kiroba Assassins, racial prejudices and his own self-doubts to recover the missing pieces of the Disk of Akashel. As his travels take him south to the lands of Dak'Mar, he must face a Sorcerer whose descendants, the Ashar'an, broke away from the Kay'taari and were responsible for the War of Storms which ravaged Kil'Tar in the first Era of the land.

Can Valdieron rise to the challenge of the mighty Sorcerer and rescue Princess Kitara, or will the power of the Ashar'an and the might of Demonkind overwhelm him?



  1. I just read both books in about a week. I think its a great series so far . If the story keeps getting better I think my previously favorite books, wheel of time and sword of truth, will have to take a step back to make room. If you ever want a huge fans oppinion or just some more feedback let me know at

  2. Just finished Ashar'an Rising, can't wait for the next one :D. Great work.

  3. I just finished Ashar' an Rising! AWESOME!!! Eagerly awaiting Throne of Blood- the sneak peak has my mouth watering! LOL!!! S. Nicholson :-).